Evian unveils “naturally playful” limited-edition bottle by KENZO

Two iconic French brands—evian and KENZO—have teamed up to create a water bottle embodying playful purity with mysterious spirit. Detailed

Vittel Refresh Cap reminds consumers to drink water

The water brand Vittel has collaborated with the Ogilvy Paris agency to create a smart bottle cap that reminds us to drink water. Detailed

Honda launches the H2O water brand

To celebrate its sustainable ethos, Honda Australia has released a line of bottled water sourced from hydrogen emissions. Detailed

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Is bottled water really safer than tap water?

Overall, there is no reason to believe that bottled water is any safer than tap water from a regulated public water supply or from a proper, tested private well.  These drinking water sources are usually safe and of high quality.


Where does bottled water come from?

Bottled water comes from a variety of sources, including many of the same sources from which tap water originates.  Sometimes the water you can buy in a bottle is simply tap water from a municipal water system that has been enhanced
in some way.  Other sources of bottled water include springs, wells, and surface waters.


When is drinking bottled water recommended?

In some circumstances, bottled water may be the best choice.  For example, when a safe supply is not available such as during a camping trip.  Bottled water may also be recommended during a flood or natural disaster.  In the rare event of contamination of a public water supply or private well, bottled water is the safest choice until the problem is fixed.

Some people might have health problems, which include the low level of some substance, such as sodium.  In such case bottled water that has been shown to be lower in the substance of concern may be the best
choice.  It is important to consult your physician for advice on whether bottled water is appropriate for you.

Whatever your situation, you should study the bottled water to make sure that the brand and type you select is actually the best choice for you. Bottled water suppliers must be able to provide information about results of appropriate tests.


How safe is tap water?

The public water supply is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  All municipal water systems serving 25 or more people are tested regularly for up to 118 chemicals and bacteria specified by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  Individual states may require additional testing.  Everyone who gets their tap water from a public system
is therefore assured of regular testing and certain standards.  And, when testing indicates a problem, corrective actions are instituted.  These actions include notifying residents about the problem and informing them of any special precautions that may be necessary.


Are the plastic bottles safe to reuse?

An issue of concern is the reuse of the bottles.  Reused bottles may be contaminated with bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.  Reusing the bottles may expose people to unhealthy microorganisms, especially if the bottles are not washed appropriately after each use.



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