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Main / News / Coca-Cola Introduces a New Water Taste Enhancer, Dasani Drops
Coca-Cola Introduces a New Water Taste Enhancer, Dasani Drops

Coca-Cola Introduces a New Water Taste Enhancer, Dasani Drops

Published 25.09.2012

Coca-Cola’s Dasani water brand launches a new product to make hydration routine tastier for people. The new product is Dasani Drops, which is a zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancer with various flavors to be added to water.

Photo: Dasani Drops, clickable

Dasani Drops offers four flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut and Mixed Berry. The drops are easy to get out of the bottle by flipping the cap and squeezing it and add to a glass of drinking water and make it more delicious.

“Dasani Drops is the perfect solution for those who want to mix things up with a refreshing splash of flavor in their day,” said John Roddey, Vice President, Water, Tea and Coffee for Coca-Cola North America. “Dasani Drops gives people a new way to enjoy drinking water by pumping up the taste of Dasani with a simple squeeze of the easy-to-carry bottle.”

The new product targets moms and health-conscious people who follow fashion trends and take care of their health, though are very busy with daily routine. The package of Dasani Drops is a squeezable 1.9 fluid ounce bottle with a flip-top cap containing 32 servings per bottle. Starting last year, Dasani products use the revolutionary PlantBottle.

Dasani Drops hits the U.S. stores beginning October supported by an integrated marketing campaign, including digital, print and outdoor advertising and in-store promotions.  People will also be offered samplings at stores, on college campuses and at concerts across the country.


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