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Svalyava Mineral Waters


Svalyava Mineral Waters

JSC “Svalyava mineral water” was founded in 1995 on the basis of the only State-owned enterprise for mineral waters bottling during the times of the former USSR .

Industrial operation of the mineral springs of Svalyava region started in the forties years of the 19th century. Archives provide the evidence that active factories bottled approximately 150-180 thousand bottles per year in 1912. Large-scale production started in 1946.

Today JSC “Svalyava mineral water” produces and bottles curative mineral waters under “Polyana Kvasova” and “Luzhanskaya” brands.

Control of quality at the enterprise is provided by accredited microbiological and chemical laboratories, which have in their disposition high-precision equipment and are run by qualified staff.

There is a high level of control over the quality of the water, compliance with the requirements of the State Standards and Ukrainian certification authorities.


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