Polyana Kvasova

Polyana Kvasova

Polyana Kvasova

The acid mineral water that comes out from the spring near Polyana village (17 kilometers from the Svalyava town in Transcarpathia) has been known for more that 500 years. Local population has been using it as drinking water for a long time.

1911 was the year when Hungarian pharmacist Moliar N. investigated the chemical composition of the water in details, and not only did he mark out its wonderful taste, but also called it one of the most valuable curative waters, which could be successfully used for treatment of catarrhal symthoms of upper airways and gastrointestinal tract, as well as for fighting podagra.

According to book notes, issued by count Shenborn publishing house in 1912 under the editorship of doctor Wilhelm Ganko, industrial exploitation of Svalyava mineral waters started in the forties of the 19th century. For many years the water has been supplied in the straw-covered bottles to different countries of the world so as to be sold in chemist’s shops.

By that time “Polyana” had already been awarded for its highest quality at the numerous exhibitions in Budapest, Vienna, and Paris.

In 1914 Polyana spring was described in the illustrated guide-book (on behalf of the Holy Hungarian Crown Balneological Society, authors were Dr. Vamosi Z., university professors Dr. Lenkei V., Dr. Sulgof V.)as follows: “It is a top-rated excellent drinking water, and when mixed with milk, it gives significant effect of mucus elimination. At the moment there are facilities only for bottling and packaging of mineral water, though wonderful spring placement, clean air, moderate climate, and terrain, closed from all sides by the mountains, can be used as a resort”.

“For healthy people it’s a beverage with peerless taste, which quenches thirst when mixed with wine, cognac or citric acid.” (advertising in 1913).

The water has been bottled in a primitive way in small workshops at the spring site since 1914. Only in 1946 three factories were consolidated into the Luzhansk plant. In the fifties-sixties production was expanding owing to the drilling of the new boreholes.


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