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The first researches of mineral waters in Lugi area took place along the riverside Big Pini from the village Solochin to the village Golubinnoe (mineral waters of Luzhanskiy deposit by actual name “Luzhanskaya” were performed by doctor of Beregskaya jupa Sebeok A. in 1775).
 At first these waters were exported as wonderful “borvis” (wine waters in translation from Hungarian) for wine diluting. And in 1872 pharmacist B. Pall began prescribing mineral water originating from curative spring “Margit” for treatment.

In those times the spring belonged to doctor L. Karlovskiy and was named in honor of Margit Karlovskaya. The second spring with the similar chemical composition called "Erzsebet" was in the possession of count Shenborn (it was investigated in 1879 by instructor in chemistry from Vienna Kletsinsky V.). 
 The mineral waters from these springs were bottled and exported not only to the different parts of Austro-Hungarian Empire, but also abroad. There was much information about them in different editions in the end of 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries, as well as in advertising booklets, and illustrated guide-books (1913-1914).

And therefrom we find out that "Margit" mineral water was called Hungarian seltzer water, and its composition and curative effect were studied in detail by Hungarian medicine coryphaei professors Korany F., and Keytly К. in their clinics. They rated the properties of “Margit” for curing the diseases of digestive tract, biliary tract, especially the upper airways diseases, very high. Diabetes mellitus, kidneys, urinary bladder and lung illnesses were also included in the list of diseases requiring the use of the water.

Concerning the mineral water "Luhi Erzsebet" (literally Luzhanskaya Erzsebet), it was mentioned that this water “has a specific effect on gaster diseases”, "recommended for gaster hyperacidity diseases, heartburn, belching, is successfully applied for treatment of chronic catarrh of epipharynx, throat, bronchi. It is prescribed for patients with blood spitting, cardiac anomaly and asthmatics. It has a positive effect on bile passages diseases. It is a wonderful refresher (guide-book, 1914).

The mineral water "Luhi Erzsebet" was rewarded: Budapest 1842, Paris 1855, Vienna 1866, 1873, Budapest 1882, 1883, Kosice 1880, Vienna 1884, Budapest 1884, Sobrance 1881, Uzhgorod 1883, Maramorosh-Siget 1882, Budapest 1885, 1895, 1911 
Letters of commendation: Vienna 1873, 1894, Budapest 1885, 1896 (Millennium), Chernovtsy 1886, Lugosh 1911 (advertising, 1913) 
 The factory "Luhi Erzsebet" mineral water bottling existed till 1945 and it was renamed to “Lugi”. Since 1952 two mineral waters from the left Pini riverside were bottled here – “Luzhanskaya -1” amd “Luzhanskaya-2” from wells No 1-РЗ and 2-Р.

In 1972 mineral water bottling from the well No. 3-РЗ was launched.


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