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Oxygenated waters appeared in the world not so long ago. The first one was created in America only in 1996. Scientists have been trying to create somekind of oxygen-saturated water for almost thirty years, but they moved no further than oxygen and ozone therapy, as well as oxygen-oil inhaler and different types of oxygen cocktails.
Whatever oxygenation means was used, the dissolved oxygen vaporized very fast. Only owing to new technologies, the desired result was finally obtained. Today there are still very few countries producing oxygenated water, and Ukraine is one of them. Furthermore, its position is definitely leading from the point of innovativeness and product quality.
As the development of the unique “recipe” of oxygenated water at the “Kuyalnik” mineral water plant of Odessa was completed in 1992, we may say for sure that invention of oxygenated water belongs to Ukraine by right.


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