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“Kuyalnik “Tonus-Oxygen” is recommended for:

-inhabitants of big cities, who are exposed to negative impact of ecology;

-people who suffer from lack of motion (office workers, elderly people);

-pupils and teenagers in the period of active body growth, or undergoing physical and mental strain;

-people with active lifestyle or going in for sports;

-pregnant women, in order to avoid fetal oxygen starvation, which can lead to different fetation aberrations.


“Tonus-Oxygen” is the water for those who care about their beauty, health and longevity.

It quenches thirst, improves the way you feel, increases vitality, activates regenerative processes in the body, increases attention concentration, reduces weariness, promotes abstersion and weight loss.

Owing to oxygenation, it activates elaboration of the body energy at the cellular level.


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