Kuyalnik The First

Kuyalnik The First

Kuyalnik The First

After development of the south territories in Odessa between Kuyalnik and Chadjibei firth, the “Kuyalnik” resort got progress in the 19th century. Mud from the Kuyanlyk (original Turkish name) firth was successfully applied for recovery after the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time self-pouring springs with distinctive saltish taste with explicit curative properties were noticed at the territory of the firth. The water began to be used at the Resort for prevention and treatment of the diseases of gastrointestinal tract. At the beginning of the 20th century this water was completely researched by the scientists.

Kuyalnik firth was once called a pharmaceutical factory of non-human making. Really, a certain complicated process of mineral water creation  is taking place in the interior of the Earth.

Penetrating from the surface of the Earth deep into the level of ground waters, it is mineralized with the different salts, and the Earth keeps secret how it is going on. It is only known that the water is mineralized with different salts on different levels, and it gives it wonderful taste.

Later researchers established that natural synthesis of gasiform, liquid and solid matters of organic and inorganic origin is going on deeply under the ground in the conditions of high pressure. As a result, rich in salts and organic compounds biological active mineral water with general mineralization of 3,0-4,0 gram per liter is coming up to the surface.

Industrial bottling of the mineral water “Kuyalnik” began in 1948 on the territory of the resort. And in 1961 a factory producing mineral water in glass bottlers 0,5 l was built near the resort. Bottling with the PET package started in 1995. Now the water is produced in the bottles 1,5 l; 0,5 l and 6 l.


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