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Kuyalnik The First

Kuyalnik The First

Kuyalnik The First



  According to the Institute of Culturology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, “Kuyalnik” mineral water is a pollution-free product containing no hazardous substances, ensuring the quality, which meets all world standards. 
 Mineral water “Kuyalnik” is successfully consumed for prevention and treatment of: digestive apparatus diseases, liver diseases, metabolism and endocrine glands diseases (adiposity due to insufficient physical activity or overweight of neurogenic nature, light and average degrees of uneventual diabetes, thyroid gland diseases, podagra), kidney and urine excretory system diseases, neurosis, neuro-circular dystonia, heart-vascular system diseases, (vegeto-vascular dystonia, initial stages of the ischemic heart disease, chronic toxicoses (alcoholism, professional toxicoses), for waste and allergens removal.

 “Kuyalnik” mineral water promotes normalization of functionality of different organs and systems, exerts the stimulating effect on the protective immune system, natural regulating mechanisms, improves processes of adjustment and adaptation of the human body. 

In summer “Kuyalnik” is recommended for maintenance of salt balance in the organism and prevention of consequences of dehydration.


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