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Kuyalnik The First

Kuyalnik The First

Kuyalnik The First

Mineral medicinal-drinking sodium chloride strongly carbonated water “Kuyalnik The First”

Natural sodium chloride strongly mineral carbonated water “Kuyalnik The First” is extracted from the spring of the famous resort “Kuyalnik”

General mineralization equals 1,9 - 2,3 g/dm3.

Unique properties of the water, which improves digestion processes, have been applied in medicine from the times of Catherine The Great. The water is enriched by limestone minerals, through which it passes a way of more than 300 km, as it rises on the territory of Vinnitsya region and appears on the territory of Odessa region. 12-meter layer of clay separates the source from surface water and guarantees not only the consistency of its chemical composition, but also its ecological pureness. The water is bottled directly on the place of production, therefore it keeps all its curative properties.

The water has a soft, pleasant taste. One glass of this water replenishes the daily demand for natural minerals.

The water normalizes nervous system and maintains the stomach microflora.

Production place

 Mineral water “Kuyalnik The First” is bottled on the mineral water plant “Kuyalnik”, which is situated directly at the spring, which makes it possible to preserve the whole range of useful mineral elements for the consumer.

The range

0,5l and 1,5 l PET bottles.


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