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Mineral hydrocarbonate sodium drinking-medicinal water “Luzhanskaya”

Mineral water “Luzhanskaya” was discovered in 1775 and was initially used for wines diluting. Since 1872 it has been ordered with the aim of treatment and exported not only to Austro-Hungarian empire, but far outside. Regarding its chemical composition, it is classified as hydrocarbonate sodium boric mineral waters with low mineralization level - 3,0-6,5 g/l. It pertains to International Borjomi type and Polyana-Kvasova subtype of mineral waters. “Luzhanskaya” contains such biologically active elements as magnesium, potassium, calcium, orthoboric, hydrosilicic acid, fluorine.

Curative and prophylaxis properties:

  • It quickly neutralizes hyperacidity;
  • It relieves brash;
  • It removes toxins and uropsammus from the body;
  • It relieves hangover effect and other consequences of different types of intoxication;
  • It helps in treatment of upper airways and lungs.


The range:

0,5 lt. glass bottles



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