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KuyalnikTonus-Oxygen" is oxygenated treated drinking water

Non-carbonated treated drinking water Tonus-Oxygen from Kuyalnik brand is the only oxygenated water in Ukraine. The number of oxygen milligrams per one cubic centimeter is 150. No European water reaches such a high oxygen saturation level. General mineralization equals 0,5-0,8 g/dm3.

The water is made on the basis of the mineral water “Kuyalnik” with the help of desalting method by means of  Reverse Osmosis System. All useful minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, are preserved in the water.

A glass of oxygenated water “Kuyalnik” is as tonic as a cup of coffee, though it does not increase blood pressure. It is recommended for daily use.

Production place

Drinking water “Tonus-Oxygen” is bottled at the mineral water plant “Kuyalnik”, situated in the close vicinity from the spring, which lets preserve all useful natural properties of the water .

The range

  0,5 and 1,5 lt. PET bottles




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