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Corporation "Ukrainian mineral waters", LLC has been absolutely committed to playing a leading role in the production of high-quality natural mineral water in Ukraine for 15 years. The Corporation produces water under the following brands: “Luzhanskaya”, “Polyana Kvasova”, “Kuyalnik”, “Tonus-Oxygen”, which have a long history and excellent reputation among consumers.Polyana Kvasova

Products of the UMW Corporation have received more than 70 awards at various competitions and exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Our water has got all necessary documents and certificates of conformity that prove its quality and safety. Each enterprise has in its disposition an accredited laboratory, which permanently monitors the chemical composition of the water and its compliance with all established standards.

The broad delivery opportunities allowed the company to establish an extensive sales network and gain the trust of its partners.

The geography of export is constantly expanding. The products of «Corporation «Ukrainian mineral waters», LLC  are supplied to various countries, particularly to Canada, USA, Europe and the states–members of CIS.


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