Svalyava Mineral Waters


The first mentions of Svalyava mineral water date back to the 15th century. Only local governors and clergy had access to the font built nearby.

In the middle of the 19th century, bottling of mineral water began, and its popularity began to grow rapidly.

Today, the Svalyava Mineral Waters plant is a high-tech enterprise that carefully preserves its traditions from the very beginning of the first industrial exploitation of mineral springs.

The plant extracts and bottles healing mineral waters under the Polyana Kvasova, Luzhanska and Svalyava brands.

Natural mineral waters are divided into classes depending on their ionic and cationic compositions and the presence of micronutrients. Svalyava Mineral Waters belong to medicinal and table waters; therefore, they can be used both for everyday use and for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Extraction of mineral water from deep wells is regulated by law, and the number and location of the well are indicated on each original bottle of the product.

Water from the underground springs of Svalyava is a unique gift of nature. Forming in the thickness of the earth's crust, it undergoes natural purification and is saturated with salts, micronutrients, and useful biologically active components. The concentration of minerals is at least 1 gram per dm3. Natural carbon dioxide is added to bottled water to preserve its healing properties. Hermetic packaging prevents air from entering the water during transportation and storage, so its taste and properties remain in their original form.

It is the hydrogen carbonate and sodium boric waters produced by the Svalyavsky plant that are considered the tastiest. For a long time, the waters of Svalyava were classified as part of the Borjomi group. However, after a number of additional studies, the natural waters of the Svalyava region were formed into a separate type, and it was proved that Polyana Kvasova is superior to Georgian water in many aspects.

Special qualities


Digestive Harmony

The Gem of Zakarpattya

Natural Therapeutic Mineral Water

Polyana Kvasova mineral water is the natural water of the Carpathians and has been known in Europe since the 18th century. In the past, it was sold in glass bottles under the name "Polyanska" as medicinal water. 

Polyana Kvasova belongs to the group of hydrocarbonate sodium-borne waters and, according to many indicators, surpasses other waters. The Carpathian water of Polyana Kvasova is rich in minerals and micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and hydrocarbons. Polyana Kvasova water has a high concentration of minerals (from 6.5 to 12 g/l), which makes it medicinal, but it can also be used as table water.

Polyana Kvasova water is bottled directly at the extraction site, preserving all useful substances. Its regular use will help improve your health and make you feel like you've just returned from a spa treatment.


PET: 1.5L

Glass bottle: 0.5L


PET: 1.5L

Glass bottle: 0.5L


PET: 1.5L